Wine Much?

Some really remarkable creations are coming out of Bob's workshop right now! Above is a peek at one of them: This wine storage rack is based on vintage French 'riddling racks', used during production of champagne. Bob' has incorporated some antique trim pieces into his design, and they add the perfect details to simple racks he created from reclaimed alder. The 'after' shots are below.....

The piece is over five feet tall and three feet wide - great 'presence' and lots of storage for wine! {The bottles are stored almost upside down, with their necks inserted into the holes on the rack}. I applied the paint finish yesterday, and will apply the final wax today, so it will have a perfect luster.

Like everything Bob designs, this 'one of a kind' handcrafted piece shows that old, discarded materials can be reinvented into furnishings that have vintage style and everyday usability.

The wine rack will be in our space at the Sand Point Antique & Design Market in just two weeks, so don't miss it!