Building a Garden...

This is the time of year I wistfully contemplate the garden. What area will I choose to tackle this year? Do I need to think about paths, patios, walls, sitting areas or am I just going to enjoy a field of Sunflowers, perhaps. The possibilities are endless. I always study the area that is about to be transformed. I like doing the work one time! I carefully consider the end use and ask myself the following questions. Will the area be used for entertaining or is it a quiet spot on the north side of the house that is only viewed from a window? Possibly it is an area that would make a perfect kitchen garden later to be filled to full with Herbs, Vegetables, maybe a focal point of a henhouse for fresh eggs and other treats to be incorporated into Summertime meals. Maybe this is the year a pool or water source is seriously considered and will be integrated into a meditation garden or a main family area. In the end it boils down to several factors.
1. How the space will be used.
2. How much future maintenance will be required.
3. Money. Money. Affordability.
That about covers the basic three considerations, after the big three there are other points to be thought of.
1. Resale, will you be in this space long enough to enjoy the fruits of your labor.
2. Are your ideas practical and compatible to the needs of your family and the pets in your household?
3. Will you use the space as much as you anticipate?
Having taken our garden dream and put a pragmatic yet logical spin on the conversation can be sobering (reality, hmmm.) However this particular way of looking at your outdoor spaces can also be enlightening. You will be fully aware of the garden path you are traveling down and will not be surprised at the outcome.
Enjoying your own garden with your family and friends is a wonderful connecting experience and once you start, you will only want to expand your outdoor living spaces.
The spirit of balance lives within each of us, a garden heightens that sense of well being.

Build a garden it is a worthwhile experience.