Happy Valentine's Day - Thanks for Sticking Around!

On this Valentine's Day, let me redirect you not to a home decor blog, but to a wonderful blog about life reflections written by a friend in California called An Angle of Prism Work. Having been married almost 20 years, I found that she eloquently captured the real romance of longer term marriages on Valentine's Day.
vermont woodworks
"A few score years and it’s not about the high boil of romantic love, it’s about the low simmer of continuity and trust and commitment and loyalty and undying patience with a dash of good humor and compassion that is at the heart of intimacy."-lisen

Lisen and I were lucky to cross paths so many years ago. We both spend the summer enjoying the same street and the same beach - and hopefully will enjoy many more.

lilla blanka

Have a wonderful a Valentine's Day and remember to try to find the romance in the little moments.