Kitchen Trend - No Upper Cabinets

I was with a client today an we were re-configuring her kitchen. Even though her renovation was done over ten years ago, the kitchen was very well thought out. She has a beautiful space with almost an entire wall of windows above her sink. The design was ahead of its time. We need to replace her cabinets, but discussed not replacing the few upper cabinets she has, and allowing the wall of windows to be the spectacular focal point in her room.
No upper cabinets seem to be a trend these days in kitchen design. Notice the wonderful kitchen above designed by Pam Pierce (via Cote De Texas). Light floods in and the windows become wonderful eye candy.
Another angle of Pam's kitchen reveals this storage shelving unit, built to make sure she had enough storage space, but notice she did not add doors. Thanks to Linda Merrill of Silver Screen Surroundings, here is a photo of the kitchen from Nancy Meyers new movie, "Its Complicated". Always a trendsetter in set design we see no upper cabinets in Meryl Streep's character's kitchen. Will this become as copied at the "Something's Gotta Give" Kitchen?
Here a kitchen from Katiedid also has open shelving. The effect is light and airy.
(design esquire)
We are also seeing this "little to no upper cabinet trend" even among the Christopher Peacock look alike kitchens. Here we see upper cabinets just around the stove, leaving the wall of windows as a striking feature.
We generally see the old upper cabinets being replaced by extra windows. This kitchen from Southern Accents is a perfect example. The windows versus upper cabinets trend is not limited to one type of style either. Here we see it in a more contemporary kitchen.I included this other contemporary kitchen from Ryan Jackson even though it has a few upper cabinets because the back wall of windows really illicit a similar feeling to the kitchen above.
I find I prefer no upper cabinets in more rustic styles. Here in this French country kitchen (via Cote De Texas) upper cabinets would have definitely taken away some of the ambiance.
But not all kitchens with out upper cabinets have a wall of windows or 10 foot ceilings. This kitchen (via Cote De Texas) for example has just one window. The lack of cabinets though, give the space a larger more open feeling. A wonderful antique cupboard and hand hewn bean shelves make up for the lost storage space.
As usual, another gorgeous room from Brooke and Steve Giannetti at Velvet and Linen. This kitchen is another example of no upper cabinets, and without a wall of windows. I love the post and beams and the earthy feeling of this space.
But, nothing beats bringing the outdoors in with out any distractions. And, with the cathedral ceilings this kitchen from Jill Brinson is really stunning. Again we see some open shelving storage. The wrought iron shelf brackets echo nicely the steel windows and center island table.
Another cathedral ceiling, and wall of windows -This kitchen is really beautiful.
Here is a more country farm style kitchen from the Lettered Cottage - and again the results really flood the space with light.
Another more traditional style kitchen from Crown Point- As you can see the wall of windows over the sink seem to work in so many different decors.
This kitchen from Country Living is one of my personal favorites - simple and beautiful.
So readers, do you think this is trend that will stay around for a while? As a lover of light, I do hope so!!

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