'The Collection' Vintage Show Opening Night

They came, they gasped, they smiled, they hugged, they shopped!
Tonight's opening of the first Come Junk With Us 'Collection' Vintage Show
was without a doubt a HUGE hit! The line was looooong, and the building was so crowded that it was hard to see it all. I think we made a few dozen laps around. Had to pass the buffet table and the wine tasting each time... oh my.... and my husband was waylaid several times {by Kathryn in the kitchen, Kimberly in the aisle and at the door, Lisa in a booth, and Annie on the aisle.} Should I be worried?!!

MANY of the photos I took didn't turn out because there were so many people moving around, and I am so bummed. I apologize to the sweet gals whose booths I photographed but do not appear here... I hope that Amber, Tiffany, Kimberly, and other photographers will share their photos as well so that you can get some well-deserved attention!
WSU Laura made sure everyone could get their official Junk Queen Gear!
Girls Gone Glam definitely brought the glitz!
Great job by Jan-Marie & Debbie
{Jan-Marie sells her marvelous antiques in our old space at Faded Elegance - 
have you SEEN what she's done with it?! AWESOME!}
Her Highness the Queen of Tarte has done it again...
sheer spring-y joy in her booth!
Speaking of Joy.... Auntie Joy's booth outdoors was so perfect
I could have moved in! {She and I also wore nearly the same outfit and jewels!}
Kathryn's buffet setting was a lovely as her food
{curried chicken salad. that's all I'm sayin'.
I've been jonesin' for that stuff since the BH Flea LAST July...}
Just one little corner of the marvelously beautiful space
that MARY Larsen from Annie's in Snohomish put together!
I am ASHAMED of myself for forgetting that this was her booth. 
{Miss Mary goes way back with us... 
way back to both having had spaces at Faded Elegance. 
We've come a long way, haven't we, Mary?!!}
Springtime personified from Sandra at Home Enjoyables
and Kay at The Weathered Rose Co.
Lovely natural palette from Tamara, who also works 
at Annie's on First in Snohomish
{thanks for the correction, Annie!}
More lovely natural tones from Wild Whimsy
{I LOVE their guitar sign!}
Bling Bling Bling!
kick me. I lost her card.
Julie Herbison sells antiques with plants...
did she plan that?!
And of course Timi has gone over the top, past the edge, beyond the limit, and generally OVERdone everything to make this a stellar event for everyone involved. But as my friend Sue Kirby always says, "Why DO when you can OVER-DO?!" Timi clearly lives this philosophy, because everything she does is a HUGE hit!

Have you seen enough?
Of course NOT!
Get yourselves over to Bothell on Saturday morning!!!

visit www.comejunkwithus.com to print out your coupon for a $5 entry, and be one of the first 30 people in the gate and get a fabulous gift bag filled with SWAG!

{If you know who the unlabelled photos belong to, please leave me a comment and I'll add them in immediately!}