We're Hatchin' A Grand Plan for Farm Chicks!

Even though we are busy preparing for our Spring Petite Retreat events,
Farm Chicks is coming up very very soon! 
We've just confirmed our expanded space assignment with Serena
and we happily announce that
Retreat will have THREE spaces at Farm Chicks!

That's 300 square feet of space,
filled with furniture, home decor & accessories, 
personal accessories, and gifts 
designed by us and created from recycled & reclaimed materials
brought to you in our own RetreatStyle
'under the big top'
{the Taj Ma Tent, of course!}

We are excited to have our friend Patricia from
as our neighbor in the '4th space' under the tent...
so much fabulousness, so much fun - 
we can't wait to share it all with you!

So plan to rent a truck, hit the ATM, 
and meet us in Spokane June 5 & 6!

{image credit: Farm Chicks}
used by permission; all rights reserved