Shop Like a Design High-Heeled Foot in the Door

It's Thursday, which means it's time for another great installment of my "Shop Like a Design Blogger" series. This week, we'll be getting the low-down from Camila of High-Heeled Foot in the Door. Not only does Camila share my love for color and pattern, but she is (unlike me, I'll admit) a master of stretching her dollars farther than you'd ever think possible. Need evidence? Just take a look at what she did for her sister's apartment (see HERE) or her own guest bedroom (see HERE). Both are completely inspiring...and I've still got a stack of Roberta Roller Rabbit napkins ready to be turned into quick throw pillows for my banquet to prove it.
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I was so excited when Averill emailed me with the news of this series. Then I started to freak out a bit. Decorating is my profession, but I don’t go to as many glamorous shops as one would think. I’m all about keeping it real so here are my favorite stops to shop for clients and myself.
1. Walmart. Ah yes a day in my life is so glamorous with sometimes daily trips to Walmart. Normally it’s for spray paint! 

I love KRYLON -- they have a million colors to choose from and are only $2.97 a bottle. I’ve tried other brands and this one is always my favorite! Plus it’s always fun to get asked for ID. Ah I live for the days when I still pass for younger than 18! Can you tell I’m slowly (ok, quickly) approaching my 29th birthday!
They also have a fun selection of furniture pieces. This piece has been calling my name for a while now:

Zebra plus nailhead trim plus $89 price tag makes Camila a happy girl.
2. JCPENNEY. I know JC PENNEY’s doesn’t always have the chicest reputation, but it’s my go to source for good quality budget pieces.

They have great prices on window treatments. My favorite are these. They have a great look, come in a variety of colors and are only $18.99 per 84” panel.

They are also a great source for lighting. This has quickly become a favorite. The whole Cindy Crawford collection is full of goodies.
3. LOWES. A lot of my projects for clients and myself are of the DIY variety which means multiple trips to a home improvement. So while Jon goes around gathering supplies I tend to wander. My wandering lead me to Lowes mirror section and I’m in love

This beauty is only $56.78! There is a look alike from CSN that even has the same name for $217 so yay for LOWES!
4. Paper Mojo. Artwork can be expensive so I love framing pieces of pretty paper. This shop has loads to choose from and you can even search by color.
Isn’t this one pretty?

5. Trim Fabric. While I do have some fun places around me to dig for vintage trim when I want something fast and affordable I head to Trim Fabric.
Here is a recent favorite:

6. Quilt Fabric Closeouts. I’m a big believer in the power o toss pillow. Switching your pillows out can give you a whole different look in a matter of seconds. No need for expensive fabrics. For budget, budget jobs I head here.
Greek Key fabric for $4.60 a yard!:

7. Big Lots. People are always shocked when I mention Big Lots, but treasures can be found there. During Christmas time I was lucky enough to snag a ceramic garden stool for $20!

I was just there again during the weekend and they are back in stock in the outdoor section! Run. If you don’t like the color choices grab one in white and spray paint it!
8. Thrift Shops. I adore thrift shops! I love knowing that a chair I bought had a past. It makes me happy! I know thrift stores vary depending on where you live, but I seem to have a lot of luck with St. Vincent de Paul. They seem to have them in different states you I would check to see if your area has one.
Still regretting not picking up this one:

It was $44 and actually had a matching pair!
9. D Lawless Hardware. Sometimes your furniture just needs a little bling to spruce up a room. This is my go to source for inexpensive knobs. They have so many great picks. This glass knob is only $2.67 and they have many colors to choose from.

10. F. Schumacher. Now I know was suppose to pick vendors that everyone could use, but to-the-trade vendor F. Schumacher is a favorite of mine.

Have you seen the new colorway of Chiang Mai Dragon? It’s heaven.

Now, in order to pick some up you do have to go through a to the trade vendor. If you are currently working with an interior designer/decorator then you can have your pick of designer fabric. If you aren’t working with a designer and don’t need design help, but want a to-the-trade product I offer a service where it’s a flat rate of $25 per vendor to process your order and you can order as much as you like without a mark-up! It’s the perfect solution for all of your to-the-trade wants. You can email me at if you need any help.
Okay, I think I’ve given away most of my designer secrets so this post is going to have to come to a close. A big thank you to Averill! It was a lot of fun to put this list together. I love finding great deals and sharing the sources is even better.
Next Week's Guest Blogger: Lauren from Material Girls!