Interesting Big Double Bed with Contemporary Design

Interesting Big Double Bed with Contemporary Design – Squaring Penisola by Bonaldo

This attractive bed is one of the Bonaldo collection. Bonaldo is a Italian company that produced creative and elegant furniture for the entire house, since 1936. Thanks to the great experience every product done by this company is characterized by the stylish design and the excellent Italian quality. Bonaldo offers a large selection of various contemporary beds, which could become a proud of any bedroom. A very interesting model, Squaring penisola, is created for big rooms and presents itself as the double bed upholstered on all sides. This bed could perfectly be located in the middle of a room. Thanks to the large bed base you could not only comfortable sleep on it, but also have enough space to place small portable Tv or laptop and pleasantly relax. This construction could be also comfortable for those people who like to eat in the bed.