Modern Beach House California White Interior Decor by Richard Meier

This great art interior decor beach house design by Richard Meier was a perfect combination in white and brown color for whole interior and furniture. Build in the side of the beach this inconvenient white house was totally called as an open air house. We can see from the big open space in the centre of this house. This space was completed by a small living room (also can call as a outdoor dining room) and a green yard space. This open air design can be enjoyed as a sun bath place or a place for get a memorable barbeque party with our family or our colleague. Come inside to the main indoor living room, our eyes will see still the open space blue sky. This bright light living room completed with a set of home theater and combination of both white and black strip line. On the top of this gorgeous living room, we can found an artistic black art work. Learn this beach house living interior can continue in other space. One step ahead from the living room, we’ll host by a set of brown natural dining room, complete with the table and set of chairs. Go on to the next floor, we can found and private bed room with simple and minimalist furniture. Another concentration from this place was the library rooms include a room for work. This room complete with a desk that supported with two arm chairs made from wood. For complete this reviews, please see these modern white beach house pictures.