Summer House Plans with Swimming Pool Design in Spain

Have you ever imagine a garden summer house designs? If no, it’s better for you to see this perfect review from an architect from Spain. This minimalist house was covered by a bench from slide of wood. When we’re come inside, we’ll host by fresh blue water from a simple swimming pool. This crazy idea was inspiring a lot of people. Supported the fresh water, we’ll see the green simple garden in the side of the swimming pool. The Spanish architects build the floor with some natural materials. Stone floor for the hall to the living room, wood for the side of the swimming pool, and the tiles of ceramics for the deep side of the swimming pool. This simple and minimalist design can be seen in the white slide canopy produced from wood. Another specialist Spanish Interior Designer showed from both wood and steel application. This custom was perfectly showed in the open air balcony and the stairs way to the next floor that hosting us in front of the main door. Another side of this simple and minimalist swimming pool was the long hallway that transferred us to the main room. We also can put a simple romantic chandelier for this comfortable swimming pool. This perfect rejuvenating swimming pool can be seen in this gorgeous house outdoor swimming pool.